Airbrush Makeup and/or tattoo cover, please call for pricing!

FIRST TIME LOCAL tanning special!

1 for $37 or 2 for $65

After that:

Single tan, $40

2 for $65 (Save $9)

3 for $90 (Save $21)

4 for $108 (Save $40)

RAPID TAN, develops in half the time of our normal solutions! Perfect for spontaneous or last minute nights out on the town! Additional $10

Student rate $27

Teacher rate $31

Face only! $5

Legs only! $15


DOUBLE DIP $25-$35 An extra layer of color to deepen and darken your tan to the fullest, sprayed within 48 hours of initial spray. Do not exfoliate for this second spray!

BODY SHIMMERS $4 to add to your spray tan session to give your skin a subtle glow, in your choice of bronze or illuminating pearl.

HYDRATION TREATMENT $4 Luxurious dry-oils that help maintain skins natural acid balance & adds moisture which prolongs your tan! Perfect pre-spray right before your spray tan!

PRIMER $5 Prevents uneven, streaky tans & provides optimum penetration of solution so tan lasts LONGER. Also used as a pre-exfoliation if client didn't exfoliate or used an exfoliation product with oil or moisturizers  

Referral program: Get $5 off your next spray for each referral!

Remember, it MIGHT be cheaper to get your sunless tan in a booth, but you pay for what you get! A booth is a one tan fits all (and good luck getting an even tan)!  

"Spray it, don't ray it!"