SPRAYS NOT RAYS is your chance to achieve a perfect, flawless year-round tan, without the fear of skin damage!

We use a skin safe, dermatologist recommended, and FDA approved ingredient (Dihydroxyacetone or DHA) to instantly BRONZE you from head to toe in just MINUTES! NO STREAKS! NO ORANGE TONES! After being "skin typed" by a certified technician, a sunless solution will be chosen for you based on your assessment and also what you'd like your desired result to be. Some people like just a hint of color, while others like the "just back from the beach" kinda glow! Also, you don't have to commit to a full body tan; we can tan just your face, legs or both! One spray tan is equivalent to 6 indoor tanning bed sessions, saving you not only money, but most certainly skin damage and quite possibly your life! *(There is more info on the dangers of sun bathing and use of indoor tanning beds under the "Fake or Bake" tab, PLEASE take a moment to educate yourself on one of the fastest growing killers of our time!). Aside from that, our sunless solutions are actually GOOD for your skin because of a litany of healthy ingredients they contain, and they can quite possibly improve your skin's present condition! So, discover the secret, "sunless" tan that celebrities and models have used for years; THEY can't afford premature aging, can YOU?

*Sunless Tans are perfect for weddings, pageants, reunions, theatre, portraits, dancers, bodybuilders or a little pre-vacation glow! Can't afford a vacation in our present economy? Then at least treat yourself to a "sun kissed" glow that's sure to lift your spirits and brighten your day!

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Now located inside Baak Boutique! 1732 Newport Hwy, just past SCHS! Come a little early and shop at this area's newest & trendiest boutique:)

Spray it, don't ray it!"