Airbrush Makeup and/or tattoo cover, please call/text for pricing!

  • Single Spray $40
  • 2 for $70 (save $10)
  • 4 for $120 (save $40)
  • Student discount spray $30
  • Teacher discount spray $35
  • Face only $5
  • Face, chest, and arms $25
  • Legs only $25
  • Primer $4
  • Sealer $4
  • Both $7
  • Shimmer added to spray $2

*Primer prevents uneven, streaky tans & provides optimum penetration of solutions so tan lasts LONGER. Also used as a pre-exfoliation product to clear away oils or moisturizers. It balances out our PH level to give you the perfect color.

Referral program: Get $5 off your next spray for each referral!

Remember, it MIGHT be cheaper to get your sunless tan in a booth, but you pay for what you get! A booth is a one tan fits all (and good luck getting an even tan)!